We are Clayborne Cosmetics

Made with various plant extracts to advance healthy, hydrated skin, Clayborne Cosmetics provide psychoactive-free phytocannabinoid-rich hemp-derived hemp-oil infused within our products.


The Best of Both Worlds

We all aspire to have a glowing radiance to our skin without sacrificing our values. Clayborne Cosmetics makes this a reality by providing cruelty-free, vegan products that are also recyclable. Caring about yourself and the environment are not mutually exclusive goals.

Your best look

Hydrate and regenerate to regulate the life cycle of cells for more radiant, youthful skin.


Discover more about what makes Clayborne Cosmetics emerge in the marketplace.


Hemp-derived. THC-free. Featuring products grown organically and made in the USA.

The Beautiful Life

We are passionate about proper skin care and being the best you, you can be. We aim to be a conscious company that exemplifies honest business practices and community support. Beauty from the inside out is more than a slogan for us; it’s a virtue.